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 full house summary

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PostSubject: full house summary   Tue Nov 13, 2007 12:25 am

episode 1

Ji-eun is sent to China by her
so-called friends so they can sell her house. she meets Min-hyuk and
Young-jae. She pretends to be Min-hyuk's past lover. she borrows money
from Young-jae so she can get back to Korea.

While Ji-eun is writing another screenplay at her house, her friends come over, telling her she won some free ticket to China.She's a bit skeptical, but free is free, so she takes it.Young-jae is filming a
movie in China, and so he ends up sitting next to Ji-eun on the plane.
Young-jae is annoyed by her, and soesn't really talk to her. They talk
a bit, and find out they are in the same hotel. Ji-eun gets a little.... airsick? She gets aheadache and throws up on his shirt.Young-jae takes off the thrown-up shirt and puts it away i the front basket f the seat. When the plane lands in China, Ji-eun wakes up to an empty plane. She gathers her things, but realizes that Young-jae left his shirt. When Ji-eun gets off the plane, there is no guide, and
she uses all the money she has to get to the hotel.

At the hotel, she meets Min-hyuk. He speaks nihongo( or mandarin) on the phone and Ji-eun, thinking Min-hyuk is japanese/chinese says in korean," Do you think i'm that pretty... chee.... why do you keep staring..." And of course Min-hyuk is korean and understands Ji-eun and laughs a little. Ji-eun goes on to say, "Why are you smiling.... Not like you understand what i'm saying..."

So Ji-eun can't speak english very well. Min-hyuk starts talking to her in Korean asking if she needed any help and of course she's a little embarrassed. Min-hyuk helps her to get a room. Later, when he is about to leave the hotel, he bumps into Ji-eun one more time at the elevator and he mentions he just visited Young-jae who is one of his closest/oldest friends.

She browses around China the first day, and soon realizes that she has a big problem on her hands. She has no money for food anymore nor the plane ride back to Korea.She frets about it for a little while in her hotel room, and lays across the shirt that Young-jae left, which she cleaned and ironed. She goes to his room and says that she has his shirt. He says "thanks" and shuts the door. Basically she wants money from him. He keeps on saying 'no' and keeps closing the door on her. She remembers Min-hyuk and how he just visited Young-jae so when she finally knocks on Young-jae's door one last time, she just asks for Min-hyuk's phone number so she can ask Min-hyuk for help instead.

When Young-jae hears Min-hyuk's name he takes a second opinion on Ji-eun. He lets her in and Ji-eun basically makes up a big fat lie sayong she was a past lover of Min-hyuk, tears-in-eyes the whole enchilada. Young-jae lends her a lot of money, enough for the trip to Korea.

Ji-eun arrives in Korea, and calls her friends, very angry at what happened during the trip. Of course, they don't answer. She tries to visit them but they seem to have moved. Meanwhile, Young-jae is visting Kang Hye-won's clothes store. She is obviously his love interest. However, Hye-won likes their other childhood friend,

Ji-eun finds out her friends sold her house to live a new life with their baby. The Full House is empty and, not having anywhere else to go, Ji-eun is forced to sleep merely on the steps to the living room. Later, she gets an unexpected call from Young-jae. Young-jae dresses her up, and takes her out to dinner where Min-huk and Hye-won arrive. Young-jae's plan is to make Min-hyuk and Ji-eun fall in love "again".... so he can have a chance with hye-won. Ji-eun tries to keep her head bowed the whole time. but of course, Min-hyuk recognizes her from the hotel and she's "exposed". after Min-hyuk and Hye-won leave, she and Young-jae get into an argument and
basically Young-jae gets hit on the face.

When Ji-eun returns to the Full House, it's all furnished again for the new tenent. again, she has nowhere else to go so she just stays by the doorsteps and what do you know, Young-jae arrives.

wait for cont.


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Female Number of posts : 93
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Location : cebu city
Registration date : 2007-11-07

PostSubject: Re: full house summary   Tue Nov 27, 2007 3:07 am

Episode 2

Hye-won tells Min-hyuk she likes him but he tells her he only sees her as a sister that Young-jae likes her very much. To get Young-jae out of the equation, Hye-won confronts Young-jae. Put in
a difficult situation, Young-jae says he is in love with Ji-eun.

Ji-eun won't give up her house so easily. But Young-jae says,"I also paid a lot of money to get this house." So Ji-eun offers to pay Young-jae back for the Full House. When Young-jae tells her she doesn't have the money, really, Ji-eun says "You may have not known but i write internet stories. Its not something very big but
everytime i make money from it you can take it. Plus the money i owe i promise to pay you back." She adds, " This house was built by my father that passed away. This isn't my house, its also a part of me. I can't give it up like that."

After all that talk Young-jae still kicks her out of the Full House. She shecks her bag and the pecture of her with her family when she was young is smashed. She starts crying and calls him arrogant, and other bad words. Young-jae gets ready to run ( he exercises and runs a lot in the series) when he finds Ji-eun in front of the house in a bench sleeping. He tries to wake her up. Ji-eun says she's hurting but she gets up to leave and walk away from house. Young-jae runs across the beach and comes back and finds Ji-eun on the bench again. He yells at her to get out. He checks her temperature and its high, so carries her inside and runs to the town to get her medicine. He gives her the medicine and asks her if she's okay and if she doesn't need to see the doctor. Ji-eun resists going to the doctor and says she wants to stay home. Young-jae goes through her bags and looks at her agenda, and on the 19th it says the date where her father passed away. Young-jae looks at Ji-eun sleeping and pulls a blanket over her.

Meanwhile, Min-hyuk and Hye-won go to a bar. He invites her to come to his magazines launching but she is being coy about it. She asks him if he will stay in Korea but he said that he is still unsure if he will stay. There is still a posibility that he will go back to New York by the end of the month. There is a girl at the back checking Min-hyuk out and he asks Hye-won what she thinks of her. He says that the girl is cute and asks the waiter to get her a drink. Hye-won is upset and excuses herself to go to the bathroom. When she returns Min-hyuk has left with the girl and just leaves a note for Hye-won.

Young-jae tries to cool Ji-eun's fever down with a towel. The next day, Ji-eun feels much better, but she acts like she's still sick. Young-jae has to go out so he tells Ji-eun to stay home and rest. He made her dome porridge. After he leaves, Ji-eun gets up and eats everything! She's a slob. She makes such a mess with all her eatings. When later that day, Young-jae comes home. Ji-eun just throws all the food wrappers and garbage into the fridge. When Young-jae realizes this, Ji-eun still pretends like she's sick saying she has to stay in the house a little longer. Young-jae tells her how she's putting on a great show and the he tells her to clean everything up.

Young-jae gives her money to find a place to stay. When Ji-eun asks what the money is for, he says," Because you need it"(you're poor, etc.) Ji-eun starts to yell at Young-jae for being a jerk, throws the money back at Young-jae and leaves the house. He goes out after her though and finds her going nowhere in the bus stop so he picks her up and bring her back to his house.


1. cook evry morning a bap, jji gae or gook by 7 in th morning
2. to pay particular attention to the cleaning since he's a neat freak
3. to stay in her room at all times and not to disturb him.

Young-jae goes to Hye-won's clothes store for something to wear on
Min-hyuk's magazine launching. She tell Young-jae she'll be going to
New York to study ( but basically really to follow Min-hyuk there).
Young-jae cannot let the love of his life leave so easily so he decides
ti finally propose to Hye-won so she'll stay in Korea.

Ji-eun is calculating how much she owes Young-jae when the doorbell rings. She finds out that a credit card has been opened under her name(of course, Dong-wook is responsible for this) and she now owes a lot of money from the bank.

At night, Ji-eun sees Young-jae practicing his proposal to Hye-won but she thinks it's just a movie line. She tells Young-jae the line is very corny/lame. Ji-eun says she can't be home early tomorrow and Young-jae asks why. Ji-eun says, "let's keep our privacy" and Young-jae says the same.

The next day, Ji-eun goes to hospital where she heard her friends come to. She stakes out and find them coming out and chases them. Hee-jin, her girl friend, pretends to have fainted. When Ji-eun tries to get taxi to bring Hee-jin to a hospital, she realizes it was all a
diversion and Hee-jin and Dong-wook have escaped.

Young-jae is waiting for Hye-won to come in a nice restaurant to
propose to her. They are the only people inside. He asks the cooks to
put the ring on the dessert: ice cream. (they also leak out the news of
Young-jae's proposal to news media though). But when the dessert is
ready, Min-hyuk calls Hye-won and she's all ready to drop her date with Young-jae to be with Min-hyuk. Young-jae confronts Hye-won and asks her if she likes Min-hyuk. She admits to the fact. Young-jae tells her Min-hyuk doesn't like her. But Hye-won is undaunted and tells Young-jae she'll make him like her and then she leaves. Young-jae is unable to propose and he throws the ring away in a trash bin in the Full House.

Young-jae is "driend". "For 15 years, we've been friends. But how can my closest friends con me like that.... They know that this house is all i have." Then she asks him if the proposal shooting went well and what the movie is all about anyway. Young-jae tells her "There was once this guy who liked a girl but now, she is about to leave him. So the guy decided to confess his feelings for her and tell not to go. To stay by his side..." Ji-eun continues the story saying that, really, the girl is in love with another man. Young-jae is amaze at how it's so true and asks her "How do you know this" and Ji-eun says, "Because i'm a writer." She adds, "But he still couldn't give up on her, because if he lost her, he couldn't live without her. But he still couldn't confess to her because he was afraid that he would lose her if he did. Because there is more to love than just happiness, so he decides to stay by her side, even if it hurts him." Young-jae asks her what happens next in the story but this time, Ji-eun goes too far with the story and Young-jae loses interest. Young-jae is exasperated and he tells her to just go to sleep. While he is upstairs, he watches her clean up. Ji-eun finds the ring in the trash bin.

During breakfast, Young-jae asks Ji-eun what
was it that she served him, stew or soup? she answers: "it can be both: multiplayer" [i love it when she says the word 'multiplayer']

Ji-eun asks Young-jae about the ring she found at the trash bin. He tells her to throw it out and grabs the ring from her and throws it in the backyard. She tells him that once she finds it again, it's going to be finders keepers.

It's all over the newspapers about Young-jae's scandal[how he was to propose to a girl] and his manager is in a uproar over it. No one can
get in contact with him, Ji-eun comes home and gives him the paper with him on the front page. The phone is ringing and he takes out the cord.

While cleaning, Ji-eun asks him about the scandal, saying the ring she found looks like the one printed in the newspapers. He walks out to the backyard.

Ji-eun finds an invitation to Min-hyuk's new magazine launching. She figures there's going to be a lot of publicist there and so she wants to attend to hopefully finds a publisher for her internet story. But Young-jae says no. She is whining, saying that she promises to behave. He still refuses. She said that whe they get to the party, they can separate immediately. He ignores her and Ji-eun calls him a "wang ssagaji" and pushes the swing that he was sitting on, forcing him to fall. Ji-eun still takes the ticket from the bookshelf without Young-jae knowing.

At the party, Young-jae gives the copy of Ji-eun's story to his manager without her knowing. When he sees Ji-eun there he asks her how she got there and Ji-eun says,"well, i took the bus." She drops a piece of chocolate cake on her dress [the one Young-jae got her in ep.1, btw] and on her way back she sees Min-hyuk and they get on a candid conversation about her story.

Young-jae is wondering where Ji-eun and he sees Hye-won instead.

In a corner, Min-hyuk is laughing heartily at Ji-eun's story. Hye-won sees all this and asks him why he is acting this way. She asks him if he is testing her right now, to see how far she can go, how much she can take it. She finally confesses to him the she likes him. But Min-hyuk replies " I'm sorry that you were mistaken but i only thought and still think of you as my younger sister. don't you know that Young-jae likes you a lot?"

"Then that's it. It's because of Young-jae, because he likes me?"

So Hye-won walks away and confronts Young-jae. "yah, Lee Young-jae, do you like me, do you love me? if you do, then confess it to me here and that you do..."

And Young-jae says, "i really like you....Han Ji-eun.." and kisses Ji-eun while Hye-won and Min-hyuk stare on, and all the cameras flashing behind.


Let me be the only one beside you 'til forever
and I will leave you never, iust let me be the one
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full house summary
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